Find my website on Google

find my website on google

You have website, promoting your products and services but when you website search on google you can't find it? Or do you ask yourself? - 'Where is my site on google? What are my competitors doing differently? Why am I losing business?'

The answer is simple - you need seo services for your website or in other words your site is not search engine friendly.

Why make your website Search Engine friendly?

Having a great looking website is only part of the requirements for web marketing, you also need a search engine friendly website, full of good textual content.

Search engines such as Google have become succesful by giving searchers the most relevant results. They do this by evaluating the content of your website. But instead of a human looking at each site they use a piece of software called 'bot's. Bots can't see beautiful designs, striking pictures or even dynamic content such as flash - they just read text. So if you don't have relevant text in the right places on your website it will be judged poorly - its as simple as that.

But I paid a lot of money for my website? I don't want to change the design

If you already have a website it can be made search engine friendly without changing the overall design or I can redesign the whole website from scratch.

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